The Life of a Writer

Thursday, January 23, 2014

 I wanted to talk about how I  created  my poetry book RADIATE LOVE.  I spent five years taking the published articles that I had written and my journals, and put them into a book called A WRITER IS BORN.  I wanted to chronicle the time from 1976-1992 where I lived on my boat Arkenstone into a book.  Every spare moment that I had, I went to the top of a storage area where my husband had created a space for me to write. I took this book and gave it to a few people to read.  My brother- in- law Ben Kahookele who works in Hollywood as a costume designer, asked me to take the poems out of the book and create it into another book. So I did.  In 2009. I asked my son Benjamin Fassbaugh if he would be willing to have some of his photographs in my first book.  He agreed and thus RADIATE LOVE was born!.

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