The Life of a Writer

Friday, August 2, 2013

.The Life of a Writer

It's been awhile since I posted as I am a reading and writing teacher during the school year. I love to be with children. They give me inspiration for my writing. When I go onto the campus', many children call out to me "Ms. Magic!"  That is who I am to them.  When I sub in their classroom, I don't even put my real name on the board.  I just write "Ms. Magic."  I proceed to do the teacher's plans and then every once in awhile I get to show my work.

This year I showed BAGGY DUCK OF RAINBOW'S END  and my new story GOLDEN PRIVATEERS. It is a learning process to read the chapters out loud to them and see what they think. This year they created a song about Baggy Duck and an art project to do with the students.They guessed what is inside of the black box in my new story.  We were laughing so hard. I am passionate about the writing process and I will do anything for them to see how wonderful the process of creating stories is. I want them to know they can do it too. At the end of the day, I usually perform magic tricks.  We all go home happy!

Summertime gives me the opportunity to write and reflect on how much I have learned. I was able to create my new WEBSITE which will be up in August 2013. There are many of the letters the students have written to me posted!! I feel the Baggy Duck presentation is ready to hit the road. So onto the next step!