The Life of a Writer

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My first drawing

     As a child I was always told that I couldn't draw.  After awhile I just accepted that fact and had everyone else draw for me.

Finally at age 60, I took an art class and discovered that I COULD draw. Here is my first drawing of a red tailed hawk!! It was done from a photograph. It  is amazing that with just a little training and practice what a person can do.

Here is another done of a painting by a famous artist yet changed in some way.

The drawing of my slippers delighted me that I could draw!!

What I noticed when I was drawing is that I would have some tranformative experience while doing the drawing.  I felt this much more with drawing than painting. When I shared this with my classmates, they too shared that this is why they keep coming back to art.



     In this age of computers and I pads and I phones what are simple and easy ways to provide a simple art activity for your child?  It doesn't take much really. I love to watch children play and create their own little world. Yet, I notice that when I do provide a little input it works and they love the diversion.

Last week, I pulled out some white 18X24 sketching paper for the two youngest ages 3 and 5. I gave them crayons and I had some colored chalks that they could add a background with by smearing on different colors with their hands. Viola!! success!!! Sprayed them with clear fixative. Here is the one the three year old produced(above)!!

Yesterday, my five year old grand daughter sat down at my drafting table and began to sketch with pencil on a piece of 18X 24 sketching paper.  She produced three sketches. Here is one of them that she signed with her name!

My nine year old grand daughter produced this drawing of animals which she loves to draw. Just paper and pencil.

Be the Light

Here are some poems from my new poetry book called BE THE LIGHT.

              It's just a Wave
It's just a wave that's going through
It's not really even apart of you.
Becoming more of who you are each day.
The wave just washes your fears away!
Then you get up to ride anew,
Another wave that shows the Self to you.
Another level that you never knew.
A deeper part of a soul called you.

What is that thought
I'm thinking of
That thought within my mind?
If I can catch it in my heart
I wonder what I'll find?
Is it a thought I want to keep?
Or do I need to let it go?

Is it about love?
Is it about peace?
Or is it a thought that's just
Wandering through,
To be washed with light
And shot back to you?

  Becoming One
When I become one
With the work that I do,
I dissappear
And so do you.

I'm sitting in the space
Of the place I'm in.
Yet I am not here
I have merged with who I am.

When I beome one
With the one that I am,
I feel light inside in all I do.
I even become one with you.