The Life of a Writer

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coming Home

    I am looking back today at my posts, I realize I am wanting to post something about today not yesterday. I myself as many of you have been writing for many years. Many of you as I have begun to self publish our books for our own satisfaction. I already know where I have come from and how much self effort it has taken to get here NOW. So this is the place that I will continue as the beginning.

     I am so enjoying having all my writing and calligraphy around me. I  learned to draw and paint in the last year. It has given me so much solace and healing inside myself. My focus is changing to include art and music. I am realizing that I am not bound by my past of being a writer. I can take it anywhere into the future to a place that feeds my soul. This is what I call the creative process.