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Monday, October 28, 2013

Magical Potions That Work

This was the title of the first small pamphlet that I made as a Recreational Therapist many years ago now.  I was thinking about bringing back the title and introducing parents and teachers into the joy of reading and how to proceed with it. You may be getting beginning words and books sent home with your new reader. What can you do with these? Let's say you have the following beginning sight words that came home in your homework packet. These are taken from a list of beginning sight words that all children will need to learn.

1. is

2. come

3. good

4. here

5. like

6. and

7. mother

8. make

9. work

10. day

Put them on index cards and put them into your magical hat. Play games with them. Reward your child for knowing them. One way I love to teach is have the children create one of their own books reading the words. Use simple xerox paper and begin to write the story for your child using these words.  Have them illustrate it with watercolor or crayons. Here is a simple example:

I like my mother.
She is good.
Here she is cooking
and here she is working.
I like my mother.
She is making  my day.

Staple the book together. Read it with your child. Save these books.

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